Dr. Hao Wang Recognized at TRB for AASSHTO High Value Research Project

Dr. Hao Wang was recognized in the 2015 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting for serving as Principal Investigator of the project - Effects of Wide Base Super-Single Tires on Pavements, which was selected as the 2014 High Value Research Project by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). The project is one of the top 16 transportation research projects in the nation, also known as “Sweet Sixteen”.

Wide-base tires offer economic, safety and environmental benefits, as compared to the traditional dual-tire assembly. However, concerns exist regarding the impact of wide-base tires on pavement life. The research objective is to assess the potential increase in pavement damage and costs when the load limit of new wide-base tires is set the same as traditional dual tires. Toward that end, the research team led by Dr. Wang conducted online surveys and interviews with state agencies and the truck industry, and performed engineering, economic, and environmental analysis to assess the overall impact of wide-base single tires on road infrastructure. The research outcome directly contributes to the legislate change on load regulations in South Dakota that was approved in 2014.

This project is sponsored by the South Dakota Department of Transportation. More details on AASHTO High Value Research Project in 2014 can be found in